All You need to know about Euphorbia Ingens Cactus

Euphorbia Ingens, also known as the Candelabra Tree, is a species of succulent plant that is native to southern Africa. Despite being commonly called a cactus, it is actually a member of the Euphorbia family and has a unique appearance with several vertical, thick, ribbed stems that can grow up to 30 feet (9 meters) tall in their natural habitat. The stems are green in color and resemble a candelabrum, with smaller branches growing out from the main stem.

How to grow and take care of Euphorbia Ingens Cactus?

Euphorbia Ingens, also known as the Candelabra Tree or Cowboy Cactus, is a species of succulent plant native to Southern Africa. Here are some tips for growing and caring for Euphorbia Ingens:

  1. Light: Euphorbia Ingens requires bright, direct sunlight for at least six hours a day. Place it in a south-facing window or outdoors in a sunny location.
  2. Soil: Euphorbia Ingens prefers well-draining soil that is rich in nutrients. Use a cactus or succulent soil mix that contains sand or perlite to improve drainage.
  3. Water: Euphorbia Ingens is drought-tolerant and prefers to dry out between waterings. Water only when the soil is completely dry, usually every 2-3 weeks in the growing season (spring to fall) and reduce watering during the dormant season (winter).
  4. Temperature and humidity: Euphorbia Ingens prefers warm temperatures between 60°F to 85°F (16°C to 29°C) and low humidity. Keep it away from drafty areas or cold windows during winter.
  5. Fertilizer: Feed your Euphorbia Ingens cactus every month or two with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer during the growing season.
  6. Pruning: Euphorbia Ingens can grow quite tall, up to 30 feet in the wild, so pruning is necessary to keep it at a manageable height. Use sharp, clean pruning shears to remove any damaged or diseased branches.
  7. Propagation: Euphorbia Ingens can be propagated from stem cuttings or seeds. Allow the cuttings to dry out for a few days before planting in well-draining soil.
  8. Caution: Euphorbia Ingens produces a toxic sap that can cause skin irritation and is poisonous if ingested. Always wear gloves and handle with care when pruning or propagating. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

By following these tips, you can successfully grow and care for Euphorbia Ingens cactus.

What is the lifespan of Euphorbia Ingens Cactus?

The lifespan of Euphorbia Ingens Cactus can vary depending on various factors, such as growing conditions, care, and environment. However, in their natural habitat, these cacti can live for several decades and even up to a century.

In cultivation, with proper care, they can live for several decades as well. It’s essential to provide them with adequate light, well-draining soil, and regular watering to ensure their long-term health and survival. Additionally, regular pruning can help prevent disease and ensure the plant’s longevity.

How to water it?

When it comes to watering Euphorbia Ingens Cactus, it’s crucial to remember that they are succulent plants that can store water in their stems, roots, and leaves. Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes made while caring for these cacti, which can lead to root rot and other health problems.

Here are some tips on how to water Euphorbia Ingens Cactus:

  1. Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering. Check the soil moisture level by inserting a finger into the soil. If it feels dry to the touch, it’s time to water.
  2. When watering, thoroughly soak the soil, and let the excess water drain out of the pot’s bottom. Never let the plant sit in standing water.
  3. During the growing season (spring to fall), water the plant once every 2-3 weeks or when the soil has completely dried out. Reduce watering during the dormant season (winter).
  4. If you’re unsure whether the plant needs water or not, it’s better to err on the side of caution and underwater rather than overwater.
  5. If the plant starts to show signs of stress, such as wilting, yellowing, or dropping leaves, it may be a sign of underwatering or overwatering. Adjust the watering schedule accordingly.

By following these watering tips, you can keep your Euphorbia Ingens Cactus healthy and thriving.

How to prune it?

Pruning Euphorbia Ingens Cactus is essential to maintain its shape, prevent overgrowth, and promote new growth. Here are the steps to follow when pruning your Euphorbia Ingens Cactus:

  1. Use clean, sharp pruning shears or scissors to avoid damaging the plant. Wear gloves to protect your hands as Euphorbia Ingens Cactus has thorns.
  2. Identify the areas of the plant that need pruning. Look for branches or stems that have become too long, damaged, or diseased.
  3. Cut off the unwanted branches or stems as close to the main stem as possible. Make a clean cut at a slight angle to allow water to run off easily.
  4. Apply a fungicide to the pruning wounds to prevent any infection or disease.
  5. Let the cuttings dry for a few days in a shaded and well-ventilated area before planting them in well-draining soil.
  6. Dispose of the pruned branches or stems properly, as they are toxic and can be harmful to pets and humans.

It’s essential to prune Euphorbia Ingens Cactus with care and avoid over-pruning, as it can cause the plant to lose its shape or become stunted. Regular pruning can help keep your cactus healthy and promote new growth.

How big does Euphorbia Ingens Cactus grow?

Euphorbia Ingens Cactus, also known as the Candelabra Tree or Cowboy Cactus, is a large succulent plant that can grow up to 30 feet (9 meters) tall in its natural habitat. In cultivation, it usually reaches a height of around 6-10 feet (1.8-3 meters) when grown as a houseplant or in a container. The plant typically has a single, thick, woody stem that branches out into several arms or branches that resemble a candelabrum.

The growth rate of Euphorbia Ingens Cactus is relatively slow, and it may take several years to reach its maximum size. The plant grows best in warm and sunny environments and requires well-draining soil and infrequent watering. With proper care and growing conditions, Euphorbia Ingens Cactus can be a stunning addition to any indoor or outdoor garden.

Which soil is the best for growing it?

Euphorbia Ingens Cactus grows best in well-draining soil that is rich in nutrients and allows for proper aeration. Here are some tips on choosing the right soil for growing Euphorbia Ingens Cactus:

  1. Use a cactus or succulent soil mix that is specifically designed for growing these types of plants. These soil mixes typically contain a mixture of sand, perlite, and peat moss, which provides excellent drainage and aeration.
  2. Make sure the soil is well-draining and does not retain water for too long. Excess moisture can cause root rot and other health problems.
  3. Avoid using heavy or clay-like soils that can retain water and lead to root rot.
  4. Consider adding some organic matter, such as compost or well-rotted manure, to the soil mix to provide nutrients and improve soil structure.
  5. If you’re growing Euphorbia Ingens Cactus in a container, make sure the pot has drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to drain out.

It’s essential to choose the right soil mix for your Euphorbia Ingens Cactus to ensure its long-term health and survival. With proper soil, your plant can thrive and grow to its full potential.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy Euphorbia Ingens Cactus from various sources, including local nurseries, garden centers, or online plant stores. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Local nurseries and garden centers: Check with your local nursery or garden center to see if they carry Euphorbia Ingens Cactus. They may have a limited selection, but you can inspect the plants in person before purchasing.
  2. Online plant stores: Many online plant stores offer a wide variety of succulents, including Euphorbia Ingens Cactus. Make sure to read reviews and check the seller’s shipping and return policies before making a purchase.
  3. Specialty cactus and succulent growers: Some specialty growers specialize in rare or hard-to-find succulents, including Euphorbia Ingens Cactus. You can find these growers online or through plant enthusiast groups.

Before purchasing a Euphorbia Ingens Cactus, make sure to research its care requirements to ensure you can provide the proper growing conditions. You may also want to check if the plant is legal to own in your area, as some species of Euphorbia are restricted in certain states or countries.


  • Euphorbia Ingens Cactus is a large succulent plant that can grow up to 30 feet tall in its natural habitat.
  • The plant requires well-draining soil and infrequent watering to prevent root rot.
  • Euphorbia Ingens Cactus should be planted in a location with plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures.
  • Pruning the plant is essential to maintain its shape and promote new growth, but it should be done carefully to avoid damaging the plant.
  • Euphorbia Ingens Cactus is toxic and should be handled with care. Wear gloves when handling the plant and dispose of pruned branches or stems properly.
  • Euphorbia Ingens Cactus can be purchased from local nurseries, garden centers, online plant stores, or specialty cactus and succulent growers.
  • When choosing a soil mix for Euphorbia Ingens Cactus, it’s essential to use a well-draining cactus or succulent soil mix that does not retain water for too long.

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